PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s been a year since the Hill District lost its major grocery store.

But now the city is helping to bring one back.

Shop ‘n Save is only the latest failed grocery store in the Hill.

But now the Urban Redevelopment Authority, which recently purchased the property, is trying again.

“Reactivating the grocery store and also bringing some of the retail presence back to this side of the corridor,” said Diamonte Walker, the URA’s deputy director.

What makes the location more attractive in 2020 is the Pittsburgh Penguins’ redevelopment of the old Civic Arena site.

“We expect to have over 1,200 units of housing just three blocks up the street where this grocery store is and hopefully will make a return,” Penguins Senior Vice President Kevin Acklin said.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Real estate analyst David Glickman said the Civic Arena development could help attract a grocery chain.

So which one?

“Aldi would be ideal because it would have broad appeal to the diverse demographic in that area,” Glickman said. “Giant Eagle could make a lot of sense. It’s probably not going to appeal to Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s.”

But Walker emphasizes the importance of the current neighborhood.

“It’s super important to understand that existing residents, this is really a conversation around what is a fit for them that are living right now in a current food desert,” Walker said.