PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Billy Gardell joins a long list of Pirates fans who are frustrated with the way the team operates under current ownership.

The Pittsburgh native actor and comedian spoke with CBS’ DJ Sixsmith regarding his hometown team earlier this week. Gardell says Bob Nutting is to blame for the Pirates woes.

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“My Pirates man, my poor Pirates,” Gardell said. “I’m not a big fan of the ownership in Pittsburgh. I don’t think they have treated that team the way it should be treated. We have fire sales every year, you know? We let Cutch go to Philly and you know Cole…I’m watching him pitch for the Astros in the World Series. It just breaks my heart because they’ve had the pieces.”

Gardell thinks Bob Nutting’s grievances about being a small market team are not valid.

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“He sings a song and dance about ‘Oh it’s a small market team’…well Cleveland competes man…Minnesota competes…there is a way to do this and you have an incredible fan base that wants to be at the games. I root for them, but I am screaming at the TV by May 15th and that’s a little frustrating.

Gardell says his child was born and lives in Los Angeles, but forces him to root for the Steelers no matter what. As for his baseball team, he lets him choose.

“I said the Steelers are non-negotiable. You root for them or you leave the house. But you can pick an L.A. team. You can pick either hockey or baseball and that could be your L.A. team so he is a Dodgers guy. As the Pirates start to torture me, I will tune into games with him and kinda watch and we’ll go to games out there together.”

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Watch the interview with Billy Gardell in the video player above.