By Kristine Sorensen

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – I’m trying to keep some sort of normalcy as I work from home and the kids are home from school… for the fifth day now. So, I am exercising at 6 a.m. like I regularly do twice a week in a small group personal training class, only we can’t meet in person so we are doing it by FaceTime.

Surprisingly, I work out harder when it’s on FaceTime. Our trainer, Peg Pardini, says it’s because we’re talking less and spending less time transitioning between exercises. Together, she leads us through weight lifting, ab exercises, squats, jumping jacks, planks and much more. By the end, I am so glad I set my alarm and woke up to do this— I have more, rather than less, energy. Funny how that works.

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My next big project is to go to the grocery store. Normally, this is not a big deal, but these days it is. Before the coronavirus scare, I would order my groceries from Market District and either pick them up or have them delivered, but apparently everyone else figured out my trick now, and there are no more slots for pick-up or delivery for a week. (Market District says they are continually adding more slots so keep checking back).

When I got to the Giant Eagle, I put on my latex gloves and began tackling my really long list. It’s long because I am trying to limit trips to the grocery store, so it’s been a while since I’ve been shopping, and I’m trying to stock up so I don’t have to return for a week.

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I hadn’t driven anywhere in three days, and it actually felt good to see people other than my family in person. While the store is not busy, it’s weird to see some bare shelves, particularly baking goods, soups, meats and of course, toilet paper.

One that that was on the baking shelves was fondant… that will be our new project next week — learning how to use it! I bought more food than I ever have in one grocery store trip (I felt bad for the guy behind me in line). I’m not trying to hoard, but I’m trying to avoid having to go to the store again so I don’t expose myself to any potential virus.

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The best part of the day was enjoying the warm weather before the storms blew in. We biked, walked, cleaned out the garage, traded out the winter sleds and shovels for the squirt guns and nerf balls. While there’s a lot we can’t do right now, we can still enjoy the outdoors… something we appreciate now more than ever.

Kristine Sorensen