MURRYSVILLE (KDKA) – As coronavirus closes down businesses and cancels gatherings around the world, many couples have been forced to postpone their weddings.

Eric Magister and Julie Kramer of Mars were supposed to get married in downtown Pittsburgh Saturday.

“There were definitely tears, some breakdowns, but we’re together we’re getting through it,” said Magister.

The couple had already purchased their wedding flowers, but rather than keeping them, they decided to repurpose them.

“My future mother-in-law, my mom, and I and Eric all got together and made these beautiful arrangements for Meals on Wheels and just wanted someone else to enjoy them,” said Kramer.

Nearly 70 bouquets were donated to the Murrysville Meals on Wheels.

“I thought that’s a great idea,” said Meals on Wheels Coordinator Lynn Staab. “We deal with the home-bound, they love little surprises and it would brighten their day.”

Every hot meal on Friday came with a bouquet.

Staab says 92-year-old Francis Angeloni called her in tears.

“Who expects a 92-year-old man to get such beautiful flowers? It was just unbelievable,” Angeloni told KDKA Saturday.

Each bouquet came with a note explaining the flowers were originally intended for a wedding, but were now being used for others to enjoy.

”You don’t know how much this meant to me,” Angeloni said. “I lost my wife a couple of years ago and I’ve been tied up in the house now for almost a month with the coronavirus, and this made it all well.”

Magister and Kramer never anticipated the impact their donation would make.

“That’s very heartfelt,” Kramer said. “I’m trying not to cry. It means the world to both of us.”

The couple said they were able to reschedule their wedding for September.

Shelby Cassesse