By Kristine Sorensen

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Today I took the kids in the car to Oakmont Bakery to teach them how we can all make a difference.

My husband, their dad, Marty Griffin, got a call last week from Eric Chaffin of Chaffin Luhana Law Firm, about thousands of pounds of lunch meat in New York that was no longer needed because of all the shutdowns from coronavirus.

Marty, KDKA radio host and CEO of Sparkt, reached out to his friends and from that was born today’s 10,000 Sandwich Giveaway. Volunteers and employees gave out 10,000 sandwiches, for free, to people all across our community — to people in nursing homes, in public housing, in neighborhoods. They handed them through car windows to keep everyone safe with social distancing. Inside each lunch bag was a sandwich with the lunch meat, provolone, lettuce and tomato, milk and chips.

So many people came together, volunteering time and donating goods:

  • Nations Best Deli Meats (Bronx, NY)—Delivered 2,500 pounds of deli meat (turkey and roast beef) from New York City to Pittsburgh that arrived on Thursday, March 19, 2020.
  • Oakmont Bakery organized the volunteers and assembly of sandwiches and its workers helped distribute the sandwiches
  • Lamagna Chees donated 400 pounds of cheese
  • Sam’s Club in Tarentum donated lettuce
  • Schneider’s Bakery and Oakmont Bakery donated bread
  • Chaffin Luhana Foundation is purchasing, slicing all of the deli meat and cheese, and building and distributing the sandwiches at its location in Oakmont.
  • Giant Eagle, Oakmont Deli and Bird Dog’s Sports Bar us slicing the deli meat
  • Turner’s Dairy is donating milk cartons
  • Utz is donating bags of chipswill be slicing the deli meat. Additionally, Turner’s Dairy is donating milk cartons and Utz is donating bags of chips as well
  • Oakmont Police helped direct traffic

It’s wonderful to see so many people working to help make a different, to help others, at a time of challenge and need. Thank you to all who helped and for the lesson you helped impart to my children and to all of us.

Kristine Sorensen