OAKMONT (KDKA) — Many businesses have been shut down due to the Coronavirus, but some are still open, and a pretty popular one in Oakmont is trying to help their local community.

Oakmont Bakery traded in their famous sweets for sandwiches Monday, hoping to help people who need a little extra boost during the coronavirus closures.

It all came together through a New York business that has a manager with locals ties. They then got Oakmont Bakery involved, as well as several other local businesses to make it work.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

They all have a common goal, to help those who are having a rough time right now. They especially have in mind students who are not in school right now and rely on school lunches for a meal.

“To be able to help somebody out for one meal just means so much to everyone here,” Tony Serrao, the owner of Oakmont Bakery, said.

Just about all the food for the great sandwich project was donated, and several places donated services to prepare the food.

They started at 8 a.m., and the line really never stopped. It took just three hours before all 10,000 sandwiches were gone.

People took the food to senior homes, workplaces or to family members who may be struggling.

One woman in line says she and her husband are out of work because of the pandemic and this offer will help out.

“I can’t be more grateful. This community is amazing,” said local resident Sarah Crisp.

Bakery workers were doing everything they could to minimize contact and the spread of germs. They wore gloves and brought meals to the cars so people didn’t have to get out.