PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — An infectious disease expert at Duquesne University believes the coronavirus pandemic is not ending in the coming weeks.

Since medical professionals have not done broad-based testing here or around the country, Duquesne Provost Dr. David Dausey says we just don’t know when the ending is coming.

“So until we have that information and broad-based information, we just have to keep what we’re doing,” Dausey said.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

He says the United States missed its opportunity to test, identify and contain the virus early on.

Now the disease has spread and social distancing is the only option.

Indications are the spread is still on the rise here and in hotspots like New York City.

But without better testing information, Dausey can only make an educated guess.

“As spring rolls around and as the weather changes and things happen related to containment … we possibly could contain the disease in two months,” Dausey said.

And that is only if social distancing guidelines are followed.

He’s concerned that young people are not being as vigilant

“I want to emphasize to young people that may be watching …. doesn’t mean that if you are young, it can’t make you sick,” Dausey said.