BEAVER COUNTY (KDKA) — Life has changed on the farm since the coronavirus pandemic.

A dairy farm in Beaver County is delivering more milk than ever.

The demand for farm products is growing exponentially.

“People don’t want to go to the store right now,” Edward Brunton, partner at Brunton Dairy, said.

Brunton Dairy in Beaver County farms 400 acres and milks about 100 cows.

They’re bottling 4,700 gallons of milk per week.

Their customers range in age, but what many have in commons is a fear of exposure to coronavirus.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“Today, I had eight new customers I had to take care of,” Brunton said on Wednesday.

Everything goes from the farm to the doorstep.

Fewer hands in the process make customers more comfortable.

“It’s coming straight from the cow,” customer Ginger Domitrovich. “There’s no middle man, no diluting it. It’s just pure milk.”

When everything else is closed, Bruster’s Ice Cream in Hopewell Township is open and busy.

They’re making deliveries too.

“Ice cream just being that comfort food, and people are looking to just get happy in this time of sadness,” owner Mario Leone said.

Wednesday was the first day for the Bruster’s truck to roll out to homes.

It’s something Leone says customers who are sick or fearful appreciate during uncertain times.

“That’s all we are trying to do for the community,” Leone said. “We scoop smiles and deliver them happiness and hope.”