WASHINGTON COUNTY (KDKA) — On the list of essential businesses allowed to remain open are some local daycare centers.

During the days before the coronavirus outbreak, the World of Wonders Learning Center accommodated 160 children.

Co-owner Debbie Svitek says that has all changed and so have the numbers.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“We have six in there right now,” Svitek said. “Four of them work in nearby hospitals and two of them in nursing homes.”

When Governor Tom Wolf announced that all non-essential businesses must close during this crisis, Svitek says she applied online for a waiver and was approved.

But there are stipulations, mainly how the children are kept away from each other.

“They are separated. We have three upstairs and three downstairs … Three in the toddler room and three in the school-age room downstairs,” Svitek said.

And there are more guidelines. Everyone has to wash their hands and temperatures are taken daily.

“Some of the extra staff has been coming in and disinfecting,” Svitek said. “We have closed rooms because we are not using them.”

Parents pay anywhere from $18-$38 a day for childcare at World of Wonders.

And now with only six children here instead of 160, it’s really cutting into their finances.

“As many business owners out there, we are relying on the help of getting that stimulus package from the government,” Svitek said.

If you are an essential worker and need daycare, World of Wonders says they will gladly accommodate your child.

Here is their contact information:

World of Wonders Daycare

2106 Washington Road

Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: 724-746-9449

Hours: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.