PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – For the first time since the coronavirus outbreak, the Pennsylvania Department of Health released the age ranges of its more than 1,600 COVID-19 patients.

Dr. Levine also said the majority of COVID-19 patients are people 50 years and older. Those patients make up 46 percent of all the state’s current 1,687 cases.

Thirty-nine percent of cases are in people 25 to 49 years old, Dr. Levine says.

“It’s very important that younger adults not be complacent about their susceptibility to COVID-19,” she says.

More than 170 Pennsylvanians have required hospitalization for COVID-19 since March 6. About 56 of those hospitalizations have required treatment in ICU, Dr. Levine says. About 32 of those have needed ventilators or breathing machines.

Of those hospitalized, about 46 percent are over the age of 65, she says, many with chronic medical conditions.