EDGEWOOD (KDKA) – Giant Eagle is working with local law enforcement after a customer at their Edgewood location allegedly spat on an employee.

On Wednesday morning at around 8:30 a.m., police say the customer submitted a $50 money order but told the cashier he spent $100.

The cashier did an audit, confirming it was a $50 money order.

The cashier called the manager over, and the manager also confirmed it was $50, police say.

Police say the customer became angry and spit on the manager.

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“He’s absolutely a low life, and we want to arrest this guy,” Edgewood Police Chief Robert Payne said.

Police say they are working to get the surveillance footage out to the public.

“We will arrest that person,” Payne said. “We will charge him with everything we can charge him with because this is extremely serious.”

While the employee didn’t want to go on camera, she did tell KDKA that she’s healing mentally and wanted to thank the community and Giant Eagle for their support.

It’s not known if the customer mentioned coronavirus during the incident.

In a statement, Giant Eagle thanked the team member and all of their employees for putting communities first during the coronavirus outbreak.

“We thank our Edgewood Giant Eagle Team Member, and all Giant Eagle, Market District and GetGo Team Members, for continuing to put their communities first during this unprecedented and uncertain time. How this Edgewood guest acted is wholly unacceptable, and his actions do not reflect the calm, positive and appreciative attitude of so many of those shopping in our stores.

We support the efforts of local law enforcement to take every action to ensure that this individual answers for his careless and disrespectful behavior, and are working closely with our affected Team Member to provide the care she needs and deserves.”

Giant Eagle says they are working closely with the employee to make sure she is provided with the care that she needs.

Lisa Washington