PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — In today’s edition of “Checking in with Susan Koeppen,” she is checking in with a family that decided now was the best time to get a family dog.

The Lovetts, of Fox Chapel, went to pick up one puppy. A mini Goldendoodle named Reagan.

“Then, we went to check out the girls,” says Katie Lovett.

They fell in love with another puppy and they brought home Riley, too.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

The mini Goldendoodles are the family’s first pets.

Animal experts, breeders and shelters are seeing an uptick in adoptions right now during the coronavirus pandemic.

Families are home and have the time to care for the animals and train them.

Plus, animals are bringing comfort to people during this uncertain time.

“They are so cute and it’s just relaxing, and they make you happy,” says Robbie Lovett.

His mom, Katie, agrees.

“There is nothing more relaxing than being forced to sit down and hold a puppy in your lap,” she said.