AMBRIDGE, PA (KDKA) – A Beaver County family is warning the public to follow social distancing guidelines as three relatives fight the virus.

Kristie Park told KDKA even in mid-March, her family got together to celebrate a birthday.

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She said they talked about the virus, but it was more lighthearted and not in a serious tone.

“My dad was making a joke so we are going to have to foot tap? I was like okay, let’s do a foot tap then,” Park said.

Even as confirmed coronavirus cases rose in the county, Park said the family went about life normally until her mom tested positive.

“I have no clue how she got it, but she’s a shopper. So it could have been anytime she was out and about,” Park said.

Soon after, Park’s brother started showing symptoms, and then her dad was rushed to the emergency room.

It all happened in a matter of weeks.

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(Photo Credit: Kristie Park)

“Something I didn’t think I’d ever go through in my life was where a loved one is suffering and I can’t be there. I now have three loved ones going through it,” Park tells KDKA.

Park’s 78-year-old dad is in the ICU at West Penn Hospital on a ventilator.

She said she calls the nurses and doctors regularly to get an update because no one can visit him, but she knows he is in good hands.

“Some days are good and some are not good,” Park said.

She is sharing her story with KDKA to show people how important it is to take social distancing guidelines seriously.

“It’s taking lives, it is impacting people all around us in our community. Even if you can’t take it seriously, think about someone other than yourself,” Park said.

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She is hopeful her dad pulls through and soon they’ll be able to FaceTime with him when he gets moved out of the ICU.