PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – During this pandemic, death toll numbers change every day. A local man says he is busier than ever.

“I’ve been extremely busy, unfortunately,” says Tim Bazmore, owner Bazmore Mortuary Removal Service.

Unfortunate in that COVID-19 is taking lives in great numbers daily and the deadly grip of the virus doesn’t appear to be letting up.

Bazmore now finds himself on the frontline.

“Right now I am serving Beaver County, Allegheny County, Lawrence County and some of Westmoreland County,” he says.

Bazmore, who has done this job for more than 30 years, says he and his staff always assume before arriving at a home or facility that the body they are transporting had contracted COVID-19.

“In regard to the COVID, our procedures have changed. We are now going to residences and nursing facilities that are classified as COVID. We put on masks, we put on gowns and have double gloves on and we also bag a lot of the decedents.”

Bazmore says he and his staff wear the N95 masks and recently placed a new order.

When asked what’s in his heart right now, he simply said, “I was called to do a duty.”