WESTMORELAND COUNTY (KDKA) — A man in Westmoreland County was flown to the hospital after a brutal back-alley attack.

Police say his attacker, Richard Wyne, took off on a motorcycle after the incident.

Wyne is currently on parole and wanted for the attack that happened in an alley behind Indian Avenue.

The alleged beating left 43-year-old Jonathan Estock injured.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“At some point in time, they went over the fence,” Monessen Police Chief James Smith said.

Not long after the pair tumbled over the fence and landed into a yard, Wyne got on his motorcycle and took off.

“(Estock) had to be flown by a medical helicopter to a medical facility,” Smith said. “Estock gets a broken ankle, broken jaw and a broken nose and a cranial bleed.”

What promoted Wyne to allegedly attack Estock? Investigators say they’re not sure, but the two men communicated before the incident.

“There were some text messages and phone calls exchanged between the two,” Smith said.

“They’re connected involving a mutual female,” Smith added.

Wyne is expected to turn himself into police on charges of aggravated and simple assault.

Estock is expected to be OK.