PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Andean Condors at the National Aviary are expecting a chick in the next few weeks.

Lianni and Lurch are caring for their fertile egg in their nest at the Aviary, which is closed right now due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Much of the day, Aviary keepers say Lianni sits on her egg.

They say this is a special milestone for her because in 2012, she overcame a life-threatening illness through a blood transfusion, which had never been done on a condor.

While Lianni now needs heart medication and regular checkups to keep her on track, the Aviary says she now lives the normal, active life any condor would.

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Today marks her 36th birthday.

Senior Director, Zoological Advancements and Avian Medicine Dr. Pilar Fish said in a press release, “Lianni is truly a special bird. She overcame so much, and seeing her enjoy her life in the National Aviary’s Condor Court habitat is a real treat. In fact, Condor Court is one habitat that the community can still safely see while we are closed since it’s visible from Arch Street. Passersby can see Lianni incubating her egg and enjoying other natural behaviors like sunning and bathing.”

Her partner, Lurch, takes turns with her sitting on the egg, so Lianni can stretch her legs and get a bath.

Aviary officials say they expect the egg to hatch in late May to early June.

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Last year, the pair’s chick died shortly after hatching.