PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — He’s everyone’s favorite guy.

Everybody knows the villain from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” He’s handsome, but arrogant and only sees outer beauty, which eventually leads to his downfall.

Thankfully, the Gaston at Pittsburgh’s Humane Animal Rescue cares nothing about what you look like. The only thing he wanted was a family with a good, caring heart.

(Source: Humane Animal Rescue/Facebook)

Humane Animal Rescue took a novel approach to finding the 3-year-old, brownish-gray, bright-eyed American Pit Bull Terrier a home. An approach that got lots of attention.

Gaston’s adoption description on the shelter’s website had a lot of people singing a familiar tune.

The words are different, but you’ll most definitely find yourself singing along.

No one’s fun like Gaston, likes to run like Gaston, loves scratches on top of his bum like Gaston!
He’s big, & he’s cute, & he’s burly, he’d love nothing more than a toy. Always peppy, & never once surly, because he’s just such a wonderful boy!
No one eats like Gaston, munches treats like Gaston, wiggles from nose to his feets like Gaston!
If you need a pal to go hiking, why don’t you call the East End? He’d love to go jogging or biking, and we’re sure that he’ll be your best friend!
My, what a guy, that Gaston!


The tune was made up by one of the members of the shelter’s adoption team.

From Reddit to Twitter to Facebook, Gaston has lots of followers and admirers now. And it appears to have paid off. Sunday, his photo and profile were taken down from the shelter’s website.

On Pittsburgh Today Live Monday morning, HAR officials confirmed that the fun-loving pup was adopted over the weekend!

No doubt it was due to the clever adoption description on their website.

Congratulations Gaston! Wishing you and your new family and happy life together.

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