MERCER COUNTY (KDK) — The countdown is on to when 24 counties in Pennsylvania can lift their stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus pandemic.

From Old Town Grove City to Grove City Premium Outlets along Interstate 79, the idea of transitioning to the “yellow” phase of Gov. Tom Wolf’s coronavirus response plan is welcomed by residents.

At the Collage Coffee shop on Broad Street, Luke Funte says they have been getting some business but when the change comes Friday, “I’m sure it will help businesses, with more people out and about and not confined to their homes.”

Mayor Randy Riddle says people around here are anxious for Friday.

“Everyone is excited to get back to that new normal and get back to family, friends, get those businesses back open again,” Riddle said.

The “yellow” phase does not change the precautions about wearing a mask and practicing social distancing, but it does end the stay-at-home orders.

Mayor Riddle says that will, “allow people to get out and about and some of the businesses to reopen.”

In-person businesses like the Prime Outlet Shops will reopen on Friday.

The mayor says that’s important for a sense of returning to normal and because “a lot of people from Grove City work out there, both young and old.”

For businesses that have grown up around the shops, like Primanti Brothers, the outlet stores reopening will make a big difference.

Mike Gallo manages the restaurant and says, “We’re excited. We can’t wait to really get back to seeing some people.”

Dine-in service is still somewhere down the road, and so is the reopening of Kathleen Bell’s 40-year-old hair salon on Broad Street.

“It’s very unfair. We’ve all be here so many, there’s probably 12 salons between these two streets barbershops and nail salons,” Bell said.

The salons are lobbying Governor Wolf to open sooner rather than later.

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