PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It was a special morning for several children in East Pittsburgh.

Besides receiving food to fill their bellies, a local community got a surprise gift from a company that brings joy and happiness.

In Prospect Terrace, children not only rely on, but also look forward to receiving two hot meals a week. And on Monday, they received something extra special to lift their spirits during this challenging time, teddy bears!

“We’re excited to get the teddy bears, and the kids will be able to do the arts and crafts with their families, so they’re excited and we’re excited as well,” said BJWL Operations Manager Jamayia Moore.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Since early April, when the coronavirus really started to impact Pittsburgh, with people being laid off and schools closing, it put places like Prospect Terrace in a tough position.

“So it was really difficult for families to get to food and get to corner stores or get to grocery stores just because there’s no transportation,” said Moore.

They partnered with the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank to make it possible to feed up to 50 kids twice a week.

And today, bears and other goodies were donated by PCNA, a branding company based out of New Kensington.

“The coloring pages have ‘stay 6 feet away, all this hand sanitizing, wash your hands’ so good knowledge for the children as well,” said Training and Development Supervisor of PCNA Christine Holmes.

Their small gift is providing a form of comfort the children may not have had before.

“If you could see my face, my smile under my mask, I’m very, very excited to have some smiles for them,” said Holmes.