NORTH HUNTINGDON, Pa. (KDKA) – Investigators say Adam Kruse has been on the run from North Huntingdon Police for some time.

Officers say he had a fleeing and eluding police charge from 2006.

His alleged run from police ended in Mercer County when police say the 59-year-old was picked up.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“They found an individual in a vehicle sleeping and found out he had a warrant out there for 14 years out of our department,” said Detective Thomas Harris.

Kruse’s story would take yet another turn once he was in North Huntingdon Police’s custody. He was allegedly involved in an incident on Sunday night at Walgreens.

“He wanted to buy one face mask and was told he had to buy the whole box. He became irate,” said Harris. “He said he’d come back, shoot the employee, anyone in the store and any responding law enforcement officers.”

Investigators showed Kruse a photo from store surveillance video. Initially, he denied it was him. Eventually, he admitted to being in Walgreens, but police say he denied making any comments about shooting people.

Kruse told investigators he was in California since 2006. His reason for coming back? He had future travel plans and wanted to tie up loose ends in Westmoreland County.

“He said he came back to take care of any warrants he had from here. He was gonna move to New Zealand,” said Harris.

He’s now in the Westmoreland County Jail, held without bond.