CONNELLSVILE, Pa. (KDKA) – A Connellsville man is recovering tonight after police say he was kidnapped, pistol whipped and robbed.

Ken Rhodes says life in and around South Prospect Street in Connellsville can be a bit scary at times.

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“On this street, not very safe, buddy,” he tells KDKA’s Ross Guidotti. “I can tell you that, dude. I ain’t gonna lie to you one bit.”

Case in point: what Connellsville Police say happened to a man early Monday morning. According to court records, a male victim was taken from a house on South Prospect at gunpoint, dragged to a back ally and robbed of $400, his phone and shoes.

One of the alleged kidnappers is 21-year-old William Colbert, who is accused of pistol whipping the victim while police say his co-conspirator used the victim’s own phone to call the beaten man’s friend demanding ransom.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

According to what the victim told police, he managed to get his wits about him and escaped the alleged beating. He stumbled off and ended up at a gentleman’s home, beating on the door and asking for help.

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That person? Ken Rhodes.

“He was beating on the door. I jumped up, he was like ‘let me in, let me in,'” says Rhodes. “I was like, ‘hold on.’ I was like, ‘you can’t come in.'”

He asked the victim what happened.

“He was like, ‘they robbed me.’ I was like ‘who?’ He said he can’t even tell, I was like ‘that’s crazy,'” Rhodes says, retelling the stor.

The victim got medical attention, and not long after, William Colbert was taken into custody.

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William Colbert is in the Fayette County Jail, held on $35,000 bond He faces multiple felonies including aggravated assault, robbery and kidnapping. The alleged co-conspirator is still on the run.