Sponsored By Noble Environmental

Pittsburgh-based Noble Environmental announced in time for Earth Day that it is working to reduce greenhouse emissions from Westmoreland Sanitary Landfill by up to 90%. The company is also transforming waste into reusable energy. A process involving membrane technology is now being used to separate methane from the gases emitted at landfills across the country, including the one in Belle Vernon. This innovation strips CO2 and other volatile organic components from the gas.

Noble Environmental CEO Rich Walton said, “The process is part of a $10 million dollar investment that will improve emissions by collecting landfill gas and converting it into valuable natural gas that will power our natural gas vehicles.”

Those natural gas vehicles include trash hauling trucks used by Noble Environmental subsidiary County Hauling which services municipalities through Western Pennsylvania.

The waste-to-energy technology is getting the attention of elected officials including Senator Pat Stefano who said, “I’m so pleased to see that Noble is using this biofuel technology to power the very garbage trucks you see all through your neighborhood. This is a perfect example of a public-private win-win situation that helps to protect our environment.”