VALENCIA, Pa. (KDKA) — One woman is dead after an early morning car crash in Butler County.

According to police, the driver was going almost triple the speed limit and almost brought down a building.

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According to Middlesex Township police, the car came down Dwellington Road, came across Route 8, kept on going and went right into a CoGo’s, almost to the back wall inside.

“It was a high rate of speed,” said Middlesex Township Police Officer Conrad Pfeifer. “The high rate of speed is estimated to be at 60 miles per hour, the spped limit on Dwellington is 20.”

The store was not open at the time and no one was inside.

(Photo Credit: Chris Hoffman)

“The rear end, rear bumper was even with what would be the front window of the store. The showcases and the product and a cooler stopped the vehicle from going all the way through the store,” said Pfiefer.

Investigators say it happened just after 1 a.m. Sunday morning when a car with three women came crashing into the building near the intersection of Denny Road and Route 8.

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Pa. State Police crash investigators were called to the scene.

Officers say the victim was a 39-year-old woman and she was a passenger.

The driver and other passenger were taken to Pittsburgh Hospitals for their injuries.

Fire crews had to use supports to prevent the building’s roof from collapsing.

At this point no charges have been filed, but Police suspect alcohol to have been a factor.

The identities of those involved in the crash have not been given.

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