SHANXI, CHINA (KDKA) — The Chinese Basketball Association is back to practice this week, and they are getting ready for games to start soon.

Anthony Cheatham, who grew up in New Kensington, is now an assistant basketball coach for the Shanxi Dragons. Cheatham says the team is doing what they can to get ready for play.

“Most people are back to work,” Cheatham said. “Most of the schools are back open and restaurants.”

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It’s getting back to normal in China with precautions. Cheatham says he has to get his temperature taken and use a clearance app on his phone called “We Chat” before entering any place of business.

“On that app, you have a code the government gives you that shows you are safe and that you had the proper testing, quarantined or whatever it would be to enter that facility,” Cheatham said.

People are walking the streets, shopping and eating at restaurants again. Some are wearing masks and others aren’t.

“The way things are moving now, it seems like things are going to be back to normal sooner than later,” Cheatham said.

The CBA is expecting the season to start in about a month. They’re still working out all the details and exact date, but they have a “resume-to-play” plan in place

Cheatham says the teams will be split and sent to either the northern or southern portion of the country for the start of play.

The league would have already resumed games if it wasn’t for coaches and players from other countries having to quarantine. That gives the NBA hope for returning sometime in the next couple of months.

“With July being a benchmark for us, I think it could still be a benchmark for the NBA as well just because they are not going to have the problem of bringing in all the foreign influence.”