PITTSBURGH (KDKA/CBS News) — They’re back!

People in parts of West Virginia, North Carolina, and Virginia may open their widows this summer to hear a strange buzzing sound.

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It’s the mating call of millions of cicadas, which will be awakening in the region after spending 17 years underground.


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  • Cicadas emerge in different parts of the country at different times – either annually, or periodically every 13 or 17 years.

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    This particular invasion will be from Brood IX, which has not swarmed the region since 2003-2004, Virginia Tech’s Department of Entomology in the College of Agriculture and Life Science said in a press release.

    Some parts of the region experienced the natural phenomenon in 2013 when Brood II emerged. But with as many as 1.5 million cicadas per acre expected to emerge this year, the region will have to get used to the strong buzzing sound.

    Last year, Brood XIII infiltrated Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Oklahoma, according to the site.

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