PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – With the sunshine and the promise of a three day holiday weekend, who can blame restaurant owners for longing to open things up. “Very anxious, can’t wait for it,” says Don Simpson at Burgatory.

But that won’t be happening this weekend. While there might be a strong attraction to opening up some outdoor seating (especially with the now-signed cocktail to-go bill in effect) Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald says we’re not quite there yet.

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“That may come in the next week or two I know there’s some discussion in Harrisburg about relaxing some of those things,” says Fitzgerald.

Mayor Bill Peduto knows the restaurants need the green light: “I think that that will be one of the first steps we see while we are in yellow.”

The Memorial Day weekend is being impacted on all fronts. Parades are canceled, the weekend series with the Giants at PNC Park is a dashed dream and so are the beginnings of summer leagues in the parks.

The caution tape still surrounds the playground equipment despite the CDC now downplaying the risk of surface spreading of COVID-19. Mayor Peduto isn’t quite ready to take the tape down yet.

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“We’ll wait until tomorrow to see what the governor starts saying,” says Peduto.

As for the expected crowds in the parks this weekend, Fitzgerald says, “We encourage people to go out and use the parks but continue to follow, whether they are in parks or in the backyard with your neighbors, continue to keep your social distance and wear your mask — that kind of thing.”

But if you do venture into the parks, one thing hasn’t changed.

“We still don’t want to see organized games with contact, we don’t want to see soccer, basketball, deck hockey games. People still need to stay apart. I don’t think we’re there yet,” Fitzgerald says.

As for enforcement, the city and county will continue to remind businesses of the law when they are alerted to those defying the restrictions.

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