PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Starting today, if you plan on parking in Downtown Pittsburgh, you will need to start filling the meter again.

According to the Pittsburgh Parking Authority, parking enforcement will begin again Tuesday, having been suspended since mid-March. There was a grace period last week, but it is being enforced this week.

As of now, enforcement will only be taking place downtown. The rest of the city will be phased in for enforcement later.

“It allows the slow, gradual approach so people get used to back to what normal was — as far as parking goes,” said Randy Madera.

“I think they’re trying to be fair. I think they are trying to encourage people to get back to normal,” said Mary Zrjab.

According to the city, some people have been taking advantage of the parking situation by leaving cars in spots all day. This has caused complaints from restaurants and takeout customers having a tough time parking.

The parking authority will allow the first half hour of parking to be free once a day, so people can get their takeout or pickup orders. You will still have to enter your license plate into the parking kiosks or app.

“I think it’s great. All these cities really need cash, and I’m happy to pay for it. It’s a lot cheaper than parking in the building,” said Zrjab.

If longer term parking is needed downtown, the Parking Authority says that garages are open.

In neighborhoods outside of downtown, parking meter and residential permit enforcement remains suspended for the time being.