PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Elementary school teachers across the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh were told that they aren’t guaranteed jobs in the fall.

The diocese issued constriction notices, then the director of Catholic schools spoke with each elementary school principal who shared the information with teachers.

A statement from the Diocese reads in full:

“Due to continued fallout from the global pandemic, there are questions related to the reopening guidelines for schools across the country in the fall, as well as enrollment. With respect to our teachers, we need to take the administrative action of issuing these constriction notices, in accordance with their contracts. Director of Catholic Schools, Michelle Peduto, spoke with each elementary school principal, and shared the information with teachers through a video conference call before they received their letters. In a show of unity and support for Catholic education, each one of our elementary school principals sent their teachers letters notifying them of a need to pause before completing any contracts for the new school year. We all are committed to working together to provide accessible, affordable education for children in the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.”

This news comes the same day the diocese said Quigley Catholic High School in Beaver County would close.

Earlier this week, 61 parishes were consolidated into 15 new ones.

Shelby Cassesse