PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — While Saturday’s protest downtown turned violent, several events across the area Sunday remained peaceful.

There was still some vandalism downtown, but nothing like that of 24 hours prior.

Several businesses in Market Square are boarded up including Primanti Brothers and Starbucks and that’s just to name a few.

We also saw some vandalism on Sunday but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it was in Market Square Saturday.

A much smaller group of protestors took to the streets downtown on Sunday afternoon as they demanded justice for George Floyd.

Police stood by in riot gear, but this time it was peaceful.

The protestors message focused on justice, inequality and the use of excessive force, not just for George Floyd in Minneapolis, but for people in Pittsburgh as well.

Protestors marched through the city for hours Sunday.

They eventually stopped in front of the City-County Building and spray painted the streets with the messages of “I can’t breathe”.

“Police the police and serve and protect. All lives matter, but black lives matter too,” a protester said.”

“Because just like George Floyd, just like Antwon Rose, they weren’t prepared to die that day,” the protester also said. ;

The Union Trust Building was also sprayppainted on Sunday.

Even the ATM and ground was sprayed and a light post nearby with George Floyd’s name written on it.

The Key Bank Building was also vandalized.

We’ve counted at least businesses here with their windows boarded up and have seen a Pittsburgh Police cruiser circling around multiple times.

It’s unclear when these businesses will be back up and running.

Elsewhere in Pittsburgh, hundreds of people gathered at two different peaceful protests in East Liberty on Sunday, marking the second day of demonstrations following the death of George Floyd in Minnesota police custody.

One protest took place outside of Target, where demonstrators held up signs and chanted.

A few blocks away, around two hundred people gathered outside of Eastminster Church for an evening of prayer and reflection.

A church leader said the event was a collaboration between ten local churches.

Several speeches took place during this event, including one from Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto.

“What we have here is a community invitation open to people who want to come and sympathize, empathize, show their hearts of compassion,” said Renee Haynes-Johnson.

“Not every single cop is bad, but there’s a lot of people that’s taken control and abuse of their power, and I don’t like it,” said Alexander Cash.

“We’re all humans at the end of the day. There ain’t got to be no violence at all,” said Elizya Powell.

Pittsburgh Police were present in their cars in a nearby parking lot between Target and the church during the peaceful demonstrations in East Liberty.

They also stood around the perimeter of the protest at Eastminster Church. State Police were also on hand in riot gear, but things remained peaceful throughout the entire demonstration.

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