PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Most of western Pennsylvania is officially in the green phase today.

It’s the least restrictive phase of Governor Wolf’s Coronavirus response plan. Business owners and patrons were out early at gyms, restaurants and coffee shops, taking advantage of a little more freedom.

The green phase of reopening the economy means people can go to the gym to pump iron and sit outside at a coffee shop for that morning cup of Joe.

“It’s nice to have people back in here and kind of just get back to normal ” Jenna Vojtecki of Cup Ka Joe said.

Allegheny County and most of southwestern Pennsylvania is in the green phase, in part because of the number of COVID-19 cases have remained low. Still, some restrictions remain in effect, like social distancing and wearing masks.

“I was surprised though at how many people were not wearing masks,” said Eric Kress of South Side. “You still gotta take precautions, especially at the gym because you’re exerting energy, breathing a lot, particles going everywhere, you still have to take that into account.”

Meanwhile, local businesses are counting on customers to help them get back to business.

“We already have some reservations, loyal customers who called: as soon as we go green — put us in,” Frank Vitale of Cucina Vitale said.

Reservations to dine in, in the new normal.

Lisa Washington