PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Humane Animal Rescue helped a raccoon get out of a sticky situation.

(Photo Credit: Animal Friends)

On Tuesday, the organization rescued a raccoon with a jelly jar stuck on its head.

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In a Facebook video, a worker is seen cutting the jar to free the animal.

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“Hunger got the best of this little bandit when he found himself trapped in a jar! His head was really jammed in there, but our wildlife rehabbers were eventually able to save the day. We’re sure he’s very grape-ful for the help,” the post reads.

The raccoon shook its head twice after being freed and did not show any signs of injury.

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“Hungry animals looking for their next meal often can’t resist the smell of human scraps. Next time you have an empty jar, be sure to take a few extra seconds to wash it out & screw the cap on–– your local wildlife will thank you,” Humane Animal Rescue posted.