NEW CASTLE (KDKA) – It’s a search for answers in New Castle after 19-year-old Amari Wise disappeared Friday night.

“We want answers, closure, anything for his family. He has a son he has to take care of, he got a mom, a sister — all that. It’s just sad honestly,” said Victoria Malone who lives in New Castle.

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For most of the day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, community members searched acres of land off El Rio Beach looking for answers. His family says he is a new dad to a 2-month-old.

“The day like that happened, we were suppose to go play basketball and I video chatted him while he was getting his haircut and then after that I didn’t hear from him, nothing,” said Daja Mire who is Wise’s cousin.

Photo Credit: New Castle City Police/Facebook

After family reported Wise’s disappearance on Saturday to police, they brought in a volunteer search group to help.

“This is the area his car was found in — that’s why we were looking here — and we are seriously just looking to help his mom. The mothers are the worst to hear because you can hear their hearts breaking and they don’t deserve that, no mother deserves that she just wants her baby,” said Marcia Black who runs Walker’s Volunteer Search Party.

Wise is described as a thin, black man, 6’1″, weighing around 150 pounds. When he was last seen, he was wearing a blue shirt with a white heart in the middle.

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Meanwhile, New Castle Police have not named any suspects, but the police chief tells KDKA they have executed a number of search warrants at a home in the 900 block of Adams Street. He said the garage is the focal point of the investigation, they’ve searched a car too, but do not have probable cause to search the house.

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“The house has never been the main target of our investigation,” said New Castle Police Chief Robert Salem. “To be honest, without going into details, which I don’t want to do publicly, the house has never been the focus of our investigation.”

Family said that is the last place Wise was seen before he went missing.

The family said they haven’t heard from him in days and that is not like him. They’re hoping if someone has information, they’ll come forward.

“We want closure,” said Jamie Wise, Amari’s aunt. “Anybody that knows anything needs to speak up. If it was their child, their nephew, their whatever, wouldn’t they want someone to tell? It ain’t about being a snitch, just tell what you know.”

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