By Kym Gable

PENN HILLS, Pa. (KDKA) — For a couple of years now, people who still live in a local housing complex have stood their ground, refusing to leave their apartments even though the buildings are uninhabitable according to authorities.

Today, a new challenge arose — a water shut off and eviction threat.

At Valmar Gardens in Penn Hills, there are no amenities and few utilities, but it’s still home to the handful of occupants who say they just can’t leave.

“We take care of the maintenance around here to make sure everything’s right. So I have no reason why I have to go. I’ve been here 2 years,” said Anthony Straughter.

The four building complex has been deemed unsafe and uninhabitable.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Photojournalist Bryce Lutz)

Legal battles, an injunction, and a January fire are all part of the story and the struggle for tenants.

They say police, sheriff’s deputies, and a representative for the new property owner showed up Friday morning.

Single mother Heather Talkish has lived at the complex for over a decade.

She has a new place to live, but it won’t be available for two weeks.

“Give me some type of notice or something. I’m waking up this morning. I have no water.  I’m trying to get ready to take my daughter to daycare and there’s no water. 30 minutes later they condemn it,” said Talkish.

Talkish went on to say that she is just trying to survive and all they had to do was give her notice.