PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Port Authority’s latest tool will help riders safely social distance during their trips around town.

The Room2Ride tool allows customers to see how many people they can expect on their bus when it gets to their stop by providing color-coded capacity information.

The tool uses historical data to show how many riders are on a particular trip at any time.

The Port Authority will work with this color-coding:

  • Blue means the vehicle capacity is below the capacity limit
  • Gray means the vehicle is at the limit
  • Orange means the vehicle is above the limit

For more information on Room2Ride, visit the Port Authority’s website here.

These are the social distancing limits the Port Authority has put in place:

  • 10 riders on a 35-foot bus
  • 15 riders on a 40-foot bus
  • 25 riders on a 60-foot articulated bus or light rail car

The Port Authority also provides real-time capacity limits through the TrueTime tool.