By Meghan Schiller

ARNOLD, Pa. (KDKA) – Investigators say they found guns, drugs and children after a recent raid on a home in Arnold. They also found money in some interesting places.

It was earlier this week when Rob Coutch’s attention was drawn to some surprising visitors to the home across the street.

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“I came out and there were at least two Arnold units, a New Ken unit and a lot of plain-clothed folks standing on the porch knocking on the door.

The house at 1809 Kimball Avenue was the target of an apparent drug raid by state and local law enforcement.

“We had no idea,” said Coutch. “No idea whatsoever.”

According to investigators from the state attorney general’s office and the Arnold Police Department, several large bags of suspected drugs, packing material, a scale and a gun were all removed from the home.

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They also found four children — the youngest an infant and the oldest 10 years old.

“Personally, I’d only seen the youngest one, the baby,” said Coutch. “I didn’t realize there were so many kids there.”

With the children safe and the alleged drugs in evidence, police then began searching even more and more. Step by step, they were finding things that added up to a whole lot of money.

There was more than $205,000. In the master bedroom there was more than $12,000; $30,000 in a safe; $1,200 in the kitchen; about $960 in a water jug; $40,000 in the basement ceiling and $119,000 in a stove.

Thirty-year-old Matthew McCloud, 29-year-old Steven Boykin and 24-year-old Darrian Wilford were all arrested and charged with multiple drug, weapon and child endangerment charges.

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“This town has a reputation that we’d rather not have for things like that, so it’s good they were able to find this and do something about it,” said Coutch.

Meghan Schiller