PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — President Donald Trump’s campaign has responded to Joe Biden saying he would require everyone to wear masks in public to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

On Thursday in an exclusive interview with KDKA, Biden said he would use federal power to mandate masks.

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WATCH: KDKA’s Full Interview With Joe Biden

“He’s just been desperately trying to find a role and relevance for himself in all of this,” President Trump’s Campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh told KDKA on Friday.

KDKA asked if the president would require people to wear masks as former Vice President Biden is promising he would.

“That’s why we have CDC guidelines. People should be following the CDC guidelines and taking that advice as they live their daily lives,” Murtaugh said.

According to current guidelines from the CDC, you should wear a mask the entire time you’re in public, but the public is still mixed on the idea.

“In some of these states, the rate is going up instead of down because they haven’t been watching what they’re doing?” Arthur Grossman said.

“There’s got to be a negative somewhere and to what extent does that do to the population based on the different masks,” said Bobbie Dirda

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Pres. Trump’s campaign is planning more stops between now and November and said safety is a top priority.

In Pres. Trump’s recent rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, people were temperature checked, given masks and had hand sanitizing stations.

WATCH: KDKA’s Full Interview With Tim Murtaugh

“President Trump is eager to stay on the campaign trail. It’s the way he connects best with the American people. He’s speaking directly to them,” Murtaugh told KDKA’s Chris Hoffman.

KDKA asked Murtaugh if the president would ever wear a mask.

“I think the president has made his views on that pretty clear, and I will let him speak for himself,” Murtaugh said over Zoom.

Vice President Mike Pence said people should listen to their state and local leaders about face coverings.

“We just believe what’s most important here is that people listen to the leadership of their state and the leadership of their local community, and adhere to that guidance whether it has to do with facial coverings or the size of gatherings. We’ll continue to reinforce that message,” Pence said Friday during a Coronavirus Task Force briefing.

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In regards to the campaign, Murtaugh wouldn’t say if the President will be coming to our area, but he says he’d be surprised if the campaign did not stop in Pennsylvania between now and November.