PLUM BOROUGH (KDKA) – A parishioner that attended an evening mass at St. Januarius in Plum on Monday is being tested for coronavirus after learning a relative tested positive for the virus.

According to the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, attendees of that mass are being notified of the potential exposure and being advised to follow CDC guidelines while they await the test results.

The priest that oversaw the service is now in voluntary quarantine.

“We’ve been following everything from health officials. We’ve taken every precaution to keep people safe, but this is a dangerous virus,” said Father Kevin Poecking, pastor of the churches of Oakmont, Plum, and Verona. “If we have to shut down, it will give us more time to pray for our families and the community.”

St. Januarius has been closed since the Monday service and is not being used again until Sunday morning. It is also being cleaned and sanitized.

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