MERCER COUNTY, Pa. (KDKA) — Police say they will soon identify the remains of a newborn baby girl found 50 years ago in Mercer County.

Hermitage police say the baby was found on a dirt road off Lynnwood Drive on July 2, 1970. The address was in Hickory Township near Swamp Road during that time.

Police say the baby was born less than a week before and had received medical care in a hospital. Police say they were never able to identify the baby.

But now thanks to advancements in DNA technology, police believe they will soon identify the baby, her mother and father. They also want to know why this happened.

“It won’t tell us the emotions you must have struggled with that day, the pain you must have experienced. It won’t tell us why you initially rendered care, but then couldn’t care for her any longer,” said City of Hermitage Police Chief Joel Ristvey in a video.

“Only you can help your loved ones understand. DNA can’t do that,” the chief added. “We want to give you this opportunity to talk to us. … Please come and speak with us before the DNA does.”

The City of Hermitage Police Department and state police said to call 724-983-6782 with any information.