PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Gov. Tom Wolf says we will likely be wearing masks for quite some time. He thinks the order to wear masks will be mandatory until there’s a vaccine.

Governor Wolf says data models suggest that states where people are using the masks are showing lower infection rates.

“It’s just a minor inconvenience I think. You might as well if it can protect other people,” nurse Heather Andersen said.

The mask order was updated last week when cases started to spike. All this comes as Allegheny County has been in triple digits for new cases of COVID-19 every day dating back to last week.

“I think it’s everyone’s part in beating the pandemic,” Bob Matter from Cranberry said.


The order requires people to wear face masks in several different settings, including if you’re outdoors and can’t be six feet apart, if you’re inside a public place or at work.

“I know a lot of people complain — breathability and different things like that — but there’s different masks you can use,” Matter said while wearing a mask.

“Anything I can do to be courteous to everybody else around me, I appreciate the courtesy coming back,” Matter said.

The order was sent to local and state leaders, law enforcement, and others tasked with “education about the order for those not in compliance.”

“I’m sort of thinking this is until we get a vaccine, but I don’t have any real formal goal there,” Gov. Wolf said.

Gov. Wolf spoke about how he feels that Pennsylvania is in a very different place now, doing 20,000 tests per day compared to previously doing a couple hundred tests per day.

Andersen is a nurse and says masks are a small price to pay to prevent spread. She didn’t have one on as she spoke with KDKA because she was on a run. She said she wear them any time she’s out.

“I’d rather be uncomfortable than risk giving it to someone else,” she said.

She also said, “if you do have it and you don’t know you do, it at least protects other people from that”.

According to the CDC, all people two years of age or older should wear a mask in public. The CDC says that data is emerging that shows how face coverings reduce the worst spread of droplets when covering your nose and mouth.

There are exceptions that can be found in the order. People with exceptions aren’t required to show documentation.

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