GEORGES TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) – State Police say a wanted man led state troopers on a high-speed chase in Fayette County over the weekend. The chase ended with a crash, and while the suspect wasn’t hurt, the same couldn’t be said for his four-legged passenger.

Investigators say when they figured out who they were dealing with, they weren’t terribly shocked the suspect tried to run from them. They were, however, surprised to see what was riding with him.

Court records show that 29-year-old Jason Paul Grow is a man with a significant history with police, and he would add to it over the weekend.

Trooper Robert Broadwater with the state police says it started with a suspicious car in a church parking lot around 3:30 a.m. in the morning.

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When a trooper decided to go check on him, police say he took off at a high-rate of speed. Grow, according to investigators, led police on a chase.

“At one point, he was going 78 in a 35,” Trooper Broadwater says.

But the pursuit would end at the intersection of Dry Knob and Big Six roads in Georges Township, Fayette County when he slammed into the guard rail.

With the car he was driving hung up on the guard rail, Jason Grow had nowhere to go. State police ordered him to come out with his hands up. He did just that. One hand was empty. The other was holding not a gun, but a puppy.

Investigators say Jason Grow was okay, but the dog took the worst of the crash, injured because of the air bag. The dog will be okay, Trooper Broadwater says.

As for Grow, once in custody, Trooper Broadwater says Grow gave the name and birthday of his brother.

Grow is now in the Fayette County Jail on multiple charges, including flight to avoid apprehension and animal cruelty as well as three outstanding warrants. His bond is set at $100,000.