PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Representatives from Duquesne University say they want to clear up any misinformation about the death of a student and put a stop to rumors that have been circulating online.

Representatives from Duquesne University have been meeting with Marquis Brown’s mother and her attorney after she demanded more information about the circumstances leading up to his death.

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Today the university released a statement, saying on the night he died, Brown went to a friend’s off-campus apartment, smoked marijuana and began acting erratically.

Once he returned to his dorm room on campus, someone who lived nearby called campus security, saying it sounded like Brown and his roommate were having a fight. Two campus public safety officers responded — both of whom are retired, Black police officers.


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The officers tried to get Brown to calm down, but before they could, the university says Brown threw a chair through the window and jumped out — falling 16 stories to his death.

One of the officers says he tried to grab Brown but only managed to touch his leg because everything happened so fast.

The university says the whole incident in the dorm room lasted about 10 minutes and that the officers never threatened, or tried to use force on Brown.

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KDKA’s John Shumway reached out to the attorney representing Brown’s mother for a response to the new details released today but has not heard back.