PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Former Vice President Joe Biden holds a 13-point lead over President Donald Trump among all registered voters in Pennsylvania, that’s according to a new poll just released from Monmouth University.

However, the poll also finds Pennsylvania voters are evenly divided on who they think will win the Commonwealth’s electoral votes. That’s because a majority believe “communities hold a number of ‘secret Trump voters.’”

According to the Monmouth University poll, Biden has a seven to 10 point edge among likely Pennsylvania voters depending on the expected turnout level.

The poll also reveals that Biden leads in some key swing counties, like Scranton, where he was born.

The poll finds Biden is supported by 53% of all registered voters in Pennsylvania, while President Trump is supported by 40%. Three percent said they plan to vote for another candidate and 4% remain undecided.

The poll also finds Biden has a wide margin of support among the state’s independent voters at 54% to 33%.

In age groups, it’s advantage Biden among voters under 50 and voters age 65 and older. President Trump holds the advantage among voters between the ages of 50-64.

The poll finds white voters without a college degree prefer President Trump 55% to 39%, but white college graduates prefer Biden 61% to 34%, as do voters who are Black, Hispanic, Asian or from other racial groups 76% to 16%.

In addition, the Monmouth University poll finds voters give a better review to Gov. Tom Wolf for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic over President Trump.

According to the poll results, just 42% of registered voters say the president has done a good job while 56% say he has done a bad job. By contrast, 67% say Gov. Wolf has done a good job and just 29% say he has done a bad job.

To see the full results of the poll, including charts and graphs, visit Monmouth University Polling Institute’s website here.