BUTLER, Pa. (KDKA) — The families of two teenage boys found dead along a rural road 18 years ago gathered for a rally today outside the State Police barracks in Butler County to demand answers.

It’s been 18 years since Shawn Baur and Scott Fosnaught, both 15, were hit and killed along rural Cashdollar Road in Forward Township.

“This is an open investigation, and any information we have, we are treating it as if it happened yesterday even though it’s been quite some time,” Tpr. James Long, of Pennsylvania State Police, said.

State Police have never made any arrests, and now the family wants additional resources added to the investigation. Those families rallied for several hours outside the department to mark the grim anniversary.

“Once it’s solved, this will all end, we can finally just grieve our children. We can just grieve, nothing else to worry about, just to grieve. The person who did it will be behind bars or whatever and we will have answers,” Ailive Rausch, Fosnaught’s mother, said.

“How do you lay your head down on your pillow every night knowing what you did to these boys, boys, teenagers, kids? These are boys,” Loretta Buck, a friend of the victims’ families, said.

(Photo Credit: KDKA’s Nicole Ford)

The families now say they want the state Attorney General’s Office or FBI to step in.

But Tpr. Long says right now the barracks can and will handle the case internally.

“There’s been a call for us to have a cold case team, is what they are asking for. As far as personnel we have as many people as we need on the case,” he said.

But they need the public’s help for more information

“Please help us find the person who did this and bring them to justice,” Tpr. Long said.

Investigators say the boys were headed home from a friend’s house when they were killed.


At the time, police suspected Baur and Fosnaught had been struck by a vehicle, but they had little evidence to go on.

On July 17, 2002, a passerby found the two boys terribly injured, lying on Cashdollar Road not far from their homes.

Fosnaught was dead at the scene and Baur died 40 minutes later at a hospital.

The boys were students at Seneca Valley Intermediate School.

There has been a reward of more than $20,000 in the case for some time now, but that has not led to any leads. Troopers say they do get tips from time to time and encourage anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-4PA-TIPS (8477).

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