GLENSHAW, Pa. (KDKA) — Shaler Area School District has released a tentative reopening plan for the upcoming fall semester.

The district’s superintendent, Sean C. Aiken, addressed the plan in a letter to parents and students on the district’s website.

He says the district’s Back-to-School Task Force has developed three possible models in the last five weeks.

The Traditional Model would allow for students to attend school Monday through Friday with normal hours unless otherwise directed by government officials. The Hybrid Model would split the student body into two groups, Cohort A and Cohort B, with Cohort A attending class in-person Monday and Tuesday and Cohort B attending class in-person Thursday and Friday. When those students are not learning in-person during the week, they would be learning remotely. The Virtual Model would focus on remote learning, offered in the case that schools are forced to shut down in-person learning once again.

The district says it is leaning towards the Hybrid Model. Students requiring additional learning support or the district’s ESL services may be able to attend school in-person more frequently to address those needs.

The district also is providing a completely virtual option with the Shaler Area Titan Cyber Academy for families not comfortable sending their children to learn at the school’s campuses.

Superintendent Aiken stressed that the plan is subject to change and will depend on guidance from the state. More details about the reopening are expected to be released July 24 in a recorded Town Hall presentation.