PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — State Auditor General Eugene DePasquale hosted a Facebook Live event Thursday to focus on the expected increase in mail-in ballots this November.

His special guest was David Thornburgh, the son of former Gov. Dick Thornburgh, who chairs a government think-tank in Philadelphia.

Thornburgh said absentee ballots increased by 20 times in the primary, and DePasquale took issue with notions that election officials were somehow tampering with these ballots.

“One and a half million Pennsylvanians chose to exercise their choice to vote at home or vote by mail. So, it dramatically has changed the whole process of voting,” Thornburgh said.

“Every voting precinct in the state, you have a majority and minority inspector,” DePasquale said. “Usually they are friends. Yes, they have their political differences. I’ve been there. I’m sure you’ve been there. The idea that these 2,000 people are operating some conspiracy, it’s literally insane.

Because this November election is a presidential one, both DePasquale and Thornburgh predict an even larger number of mail-in ballots this fall.