GLENSHAW, Pa. (KDKA) — It was an unwanted delivery that may lead to criminal charges.

A local business owner says when he opened up a package, he found dog feces.

“Whenever I got it, I was kind of excited because it said in care of Dewey, private,” said Dewey Spittler, owner of Dewey’s Auto Body in Glenshaw.

The address was handwritten and the return address referenced an old TV show.

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“I wasn’t sure what was in there. And when I opened it up, it was a lovely box of poo, of dog poo,” Spittler said.

There was also a written message, of which we can share the last part.

“And show some respect, jag off,” Spittler said.

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Dewey says his family has owned the business since the 1970s and hasn’t had any problems or complaints. While he and his son are taking it in stride, they do have concerns and questions.

“Who sent me a box of dog crap and why? I mean, what was the purpose of this?” Spittler said.

“Today, it’s dog poop through the mail. Tomorrow, it could be a pipe bomb or something more dangerous than what it is,” said Dewey’s son, Eric Spittler.

A postal tracking code was used to trace the box to the post office on Broad Street in East Liberty. Cameras captured a picture of the suspect mailing the box.

“You got a problem with someone, step up,” Dewey said. “Step up and discuss it. I don’t live with revenge or hatred in my heart, so I would have taken that conversation quite well.”

Police and the postal inspector are investigating. Dewey and his son say they would like to see whoever did this receive some repercussions and they’d also like to know why.

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