HARRISBURG (KDKA) — Restaurant and bar owners are set to testify Tuesday at the State Capitol in Harrisburg, where they will make a public plea for help as they try to work with restrictions in place due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In just a few hours, those restaurant owners will be in a hearing with Pa. House Republicans.

KDKA has spoken to many of those bar and restaurant owners over the last few weeks and they say that something needs to change or their business will not survive.

What these business owners are doing today is asking lawmakers for a recovery package.

Unfortunately, some restaurants have already decided to close because operating at a low capacity and offering takeout is not enough.

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Current restrictions in place only allow alcohol to be served for on-site consumption during a meal.

Restaurants tell KDKA this restriction is difficult, because alcohol is where they really make their money.

Other restrictions in place include:

  • Non-bar seating in outdoor areas can be used for customer seating.
  • There is a 25 percent maximum occupancy for indoor dining.
  • Social distancing and wearing a mask is a must for all restaurant workers and customers.

“There’s been a lot of costs and my members need help in paying with those costs and bills, so some type of grant money and the licensee costs is a big, big issue,” said Chuck Moran, Executive Director of the Pa. Beverage and Tavern Association.

The hearing at the State Capitol for bar and restaurant owners is set to begin at 10:00 Tuesday morning.

Stay with KDKA for further updates.