WESTMORELAND COUNTY, Pa. (KDKA) — Police say a woman is facing animal cruelty and neglect charges after two of her dogs were found on the roof of a home drinking from a gutter.

When Monessen police officer John Frederick drove down Graham Avenue responding to a complaint about a dog, he could not believe what he saw.

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“A rottweiler and a small pomeranian were on the roof, and they were drinking from a gutter,” said Frederick.

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Officer Frederick said it was 90 degrees outside, and the dogs were close to the edge of the roof. He also noticed the rottweiler had recently given birth.

“It was very obvious that she had puppies in the last eight weeks or so,” said officer Frederick.

Officer Frederick told KDKA that the dogs jumped back into the house through a window where an air conditioning unit was.

After the dogs got back inside, the police followed and discovered a disturbing scene.

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“There were two or three dog bowls with nothing in it,” Frederick said.

And no water explains why the dogs were trying to drink from the gutter. And the conditions of the home?

“There were feces everywhere, urine. Honestly, it was just a mess,” said Frederick.

Monessen police cited Jennifer Scott with multiple animal cruelty and neglect counts. Humane officers were called and according to police, five dogs were removed.

“They did not have their vaccinations and none of them had their license,” officer Frederick said.

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Despite being without water, food and living in the alleged squalor, the animals are being taken care of at a shelter.