The last 24 hours have left administrators scratching their heads.By Nicole Ford

ALLEGHENY CO., Pa. (KDKA) – Superintendents across Allegheny County are fired up over the Wolf administration’s recommendation for no fall sports until 2021.

“There are so many things that superintendents are crying out for what we are lacking on. Yet we are going to take this kind of position on sports?” said Randy Lutz, the Baldwin-Whitehall School District superintendent.

The last 24 hours have left administrators like Lutz scratching their heads.

“To take that away from children under the circumstances when you are allowing school districts to make local decisions and you are going to give a strong recommendation, I just think it’s unfair and untimely,” said Dr. Mark Holtzman, the McKeesport School District superintendent.

So while the PIAA is giving it another two weeks to talk with the governor before ruling on the season, these superintendents are laying out why sports should continue on.


“Athletics and activities for many of our children break the cycle of poverty and gives them the opportunity to go on and at least attempt a college education,” Holtzman said.

Holtzman is speaking from experience. He said outside of future dreams, the basic well-being of students could be negatively impacted.

“You want to talk about devastation and you want to talk about things that could really change their attitude about schooling,” Holtzman said.

“So what are their motivators? We keep taking these motivators away and sports is absolutely a motivator for children. Then what is the importance of coming to school? If your attendance is already questionable, why come?” Lutz said.

It’s these questions that administrators hope are taken into account as the future of this fall continues to be questioned.

“Protocols are strong. The people are following them and doing everything right so this is a bit of a slap in the face,” Lutz said.

The official start of the fall sports season was set for Monday but will be delayed by two weeks as the PIAA seeks more guidance from the state.