Doctors say there isn’t a name for what’s happening to the child.

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

CINCINNATI, Ohio (KDKA) — A girl who tested positive for the coronavirus in May is now in a coma at an Ohio hospital — and all are preparing for the worst.

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According to Cleveland 19 News, 9-year-old Dorielis Escolastico was taken to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center on May 10 after she had trouble walking. At the hospital, she lost movement in other parts of her body and tested positive for coronavirus.

A biopsy revealed inflammation in her brain and doctors thought she could have multiple sclerosis. But medications had no effect, according to a GoFundMe set up by her father, Doranny.

(Photo Credit: GoFundMe)

“They then had her go through a dialysis of plasma, and then other medication, but nothing was giving results on my child,” her father said on the website.

Another biopsy was performed on June 19, which revealed vasculitis. Doctors treated the young girl and she began to regain movement in her left arm, which had previously been paralyzed, her father said.

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“The doctors, seeing the betterment in her left arm, decided to do an MRI once again and noticed that the inflammation in her brain supposedly caused by the vasculitis kept growing even with treatment,” her father wrote on the GoFundMe page.

After unsuccessfully trying to contact other medical experts and another MRI, Dorielis was sent home to be treated. Her father says within a week of being home, she lost the ability to walk, was beginning to lose her ability to speak and was having severe headaches.

She had an epileptic seizure on July 19 and was admitted into the hospital in the intensive care unit.

“The doctors then did another MRI and found the headaches were due to bleeding in the brain caused by the inflammation being compressed with her head,” her father said on the GoFundMe. “Currently, the doctors are searching on how to treat her illness, and trying to seek answers on wether (sic) she is suffering a certain cancer that could be in her blood and are thinking on whether or not to put her on chemotherapy to see if it gives results.”

Dorielis’s doctors said it’s possible the inflammation is related to coronavirus, but they aren’t sure, Cleveland 19 News reports. They told her father that there isn’t a name for what’s happening to Dorielis.

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“The doctors are waiting at any moment for her to die,” Escolastico told Cleveland 19 News.